Many Liberals are today floating that tired canard, of Tory failure in matters of foreign policy, as a result of Canada not securing a seat for itself on the UN Security Council. But is that really evidence of a failure in foreign policy. The Tories could have pursued that morally bankrupt practice of every previous modern Liberal government, and thrown countless billions of dollars (without oversight or accountability) at countries like Malawi, Rwanda, Kenya and Nigeria, with no matrix for measuring efficacy, let alone any operative definition of success. Or perhaps the Tories were “wrong” in showing principled and strong support for Israel, and thereby losing essentially all of the votes of 57 Arab nations. That being said, and I will ignore the intemperate remarks of Mr. Ignatieff in the lead up to the vote, and say that the Tories have pursued a principled position in foreign affairs, and one the country can rightfully be proud of, regardless of what happened today in that one square mile of New York City, surrounded by reality.