CAMOGCDCA is the acronym for the Corporate Accountability of Mining, Oil and Gas Corporations in Developing Countries Act, otherwise known at Bill C-300.  It is said to “represents the best chance we have as Canadians to assure that Canadian extractive companies follow human rights and environmental best practices when they operate overseas.”  Of that, I am not entirely convinced, even at this early stage of the legislative development of this act.  This is quite an accomplishment for John MacKay, the Liberal MP from Ontario, who has stick handled this Bill through to second reading.  While that is some significant accomplishment, given that his Liberal Party is very much in the minority within the House of Commons, the extra-territorial effect of this legislation is far reaching and legislatively uncertain.

Beyond the very questions surrounding the enforceability of this Act in foreign jurisdictions, the focus seems to be on corporate penal sanctions, rather than the emphasis being where it has been historically, on consultation.

Time will tell if this Act sees the light of day, and only then will we be able to determine its full scope and effect.