The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (“ICANN”) has today revealed a list of all the new generic Top-Level Domain names that have been applied for.  Currently there are only 22 gTLDs, (e.g. .com, .net, .org), but that is soon about to change.

ICANN opened up the application process in January, 2012 and it closed in May, 2012.  Each gTLD application cost the applicant $185,000.00 to file and ICANN received 1,930 applications in this round. Some of the proposed gTLD’s are “.paris”, applied for by the City of Paris and “.rogers” and “.fido” applied for by Rogers Communications Partnership.

There are plenty of duplicated requests, including what seems to be three applications for “.mls”, two of which were applied for by The Canadian Real Estate Association. ICANN has said that duplicate requests will be decided at auction.

There are still further stages of the approval process to go through until these gTLDs are finalized for use as domain names and the total approval process is expected to take around 9-10 months if there are no complications.

You can review the list of gTLDs that have been applied for here, if you see your registered Trademark on that list, please contact us to discuss your options.